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January 6, 2016
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Bringing life back to this Jaguar XJ L from improper washing

paint correction
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Bringing life back to this Jaguar XJ L from improper washing

Got a call from a guy referred by a previous client. He called initially wanting a paint correction on his black Jaguar XJ due to taking it to drive threw car washes twice a week because of not having extra time to wash it himself. He was hoping to get it corrected once a year and continue to take it threw the drive threw car washes. Once setting up a time with him to see the condition of the paint we agreed on a 3 step paint correction & Modesta BC-04 nano titanium glass coating to bring out extra gloss and long term protection. (Of course NO more drive threw’s)

Here’s a quick run down on swirls removal and paint correction.

What Is Car Paint Correction?

AKA – swirl mark removal or machine polishing, paintwork correction is the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint to produce a more refined finish.

Paint correction can involves machine polishing of varying grades of polish or compound.

Paint correction requires a high degree of skill and concentration, but done properly, it really can transform the look of a car by dealing with hard water marks, etching caused by bird droppings or bug and tar, swirl marks, scratches and fading or dull paint.

Done professionally, paint correction is completely safe and will not cause any issues for your paint.



Paint condition Before

paint swirls

Checking test spot

(We do a test spot on all corrections, this is so we can find the best pad & compound/polish combo to achieve the best results while removing the least amount of clear coat possible)

paint correction

Wet sanding deeper scraches

Wet sanding

Rupes iBrid Nano for precise polishing

paint correction

Some trashed paint

Jag bumper

50/50 after compounding step



swirl marks






Curing Modesta with IR lights


Cloudy sun shots

sun reflection





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