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Proper vehicle maintenance step by step

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How to properly wash you vehicle step by step

1. Wash the wheels and tires first.  Use a cleaner that is safe for all wheels, like APC or mild acid based degreaser.  Agitate with a wheel brush to clean wheels without scratching. Wash each wheel and tire one at a time and rinse thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

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2. Now you’re ready to wash. Let’s start with two 5 gallon buckets. Fill one with your choice of wash soap and fresh water 2nd will be your rinse bucket with clean water.  It’s important to use a car wash soap that is rich in lubricants. The purpose of the car wash soap is to remove contaminants and lubricate them so they do not scratch the paint as they slide off the vehicle. Dish detergents are not ideal because they remove protective coatings like wax or sealants and long term can damage clear coat and plastics.

3. Always rinse your vehicle thoroughly before you begin washing in order to remove loose dirt. Then begin washing at the top of the vehicle. Wash down the vehicle as opposed to front to back. Remember that the lower panels are dirtiest. You want to clean the windows and the upper panels before cleaning the lower half of the vehicle so that you don’t transfer grit to the top half of the vehicle. Rinse and reload your wash mitt often to prevent cross-contamination. Rinse your vehicle frequently as you work, especially in hot weather.

For stubborn bugs and tar, use a bug and tar remover with a bug sponge to gently remove contaminants without scratching. To soften the sponge, soak it in your soap bucket for a few minutes. Always use it with soapy water to lubricate the sponge. If you choose to use a APC or bug and tar remover, spray it on before washing and reapply wax to the treated area after you’ve dried the vehicle.

4. When rinsing, same method applies to start at top and work your way down. its best to finish the rinse by sheeting the water off with out a spray nozzle. this will dramatically reduce spotting and help remove a large amount of water before you start the drying process.

These are all the basics you need to know for proper vehicle maintenance and keeping your car looking great at all time!

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