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Why paint decontamination is important


Why is regular paint decontamination important?

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It is Important to decontaminate you vehicle because there are many things that bond to the surface of your vehicle that CANT  be removed from regular washing. Every time your vehicle is driven it encounters things that can bond and even embed to vehicle surfaces. These things include; BREAK DUST, TAR, FALLOUT, RAIL DUST (can happen on new cars when transported by rail carts), INDUSTRIAL FALLOUT, ACID RAIN DEPOSITS. Not only are you removing harmful contaminates that can cause further damage, you will get that glassy smooth feel of your paint that everyone wants!

How often should I decontaminate my paint?

I recommend at least twice a year. But this can vary depending on your climate, how often the vehicle is driven, and wether it is garage kept. These are just a few variables.






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